Together At Last! Dog Endures 3,000 Miles To Reunite With The Soldier That Once Saved Her

Date January 10, 2019

Faith and loyalty are distinctive features of a dog that has found a loving owner. It's hard to imagine a person who doesn't know the famous story about a dog named Hachiko, who never stopped waiting for a happy reunion with his owner. Unfortunately, many canines face cruelty at the hand of humans, forced to live through rough conditions on the streets and sometimes even in battle zones.

30-year old Sean Laidlow was doing his military service in Syria; his story was shared on Metro. This is exactly where he discovered an adorable puppy, Barrie. The little one was frightened and unsociable, yet only a few days later she felt safe enough to receive food and water from her rescuer.


Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)


Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)

Shortly, Barrie became everyone's favourite. She was living in Sean's room, however earning her trust turned out to be not that easy. When she finally got attached to the soldier, he had to return home.


Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)


Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)

The young man was happy to return to his natural environment; however, he could never stop thinking about Barrie. He contacted an Iraqi charitable organization that helps to evacuate animals from warfare areas, and started a fund-raising campaign. It would take 4 500 pounds to transport the dog.

I feel like it may come across that I saved Barrie's life, but I feel like she saved mine.

Barrie was taken to Iraq where she received all necessary medical assistance and vaccinations. Sean wasn't certain whether the dog remembered him, was ready for a journey and life in a new home, or if he she was the same gentle puppy who followed him to his missions. 5 countries and 3,000 miles were separating them, but Barrie did it.

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According to studies, when the relationship between a man and a pet goes well, they develop a bond similar to the one between a parent and their child. Pets feel safe around their owner; therefore, they miss them when they're not there and try to be as close as possible.

Volunteers sent Barrie to Jordan, and thereafter Paris, where Sean had been waiting for her. Their first meeting after the separation took place at the airport. The dog not only recognized Laidlow, but also seemed to comprehend that she had become a dear friend to him and an eternal furry companion.


Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)

The trip to Paris was exciting and frightening at the same time. I left home at 6 am and simply hit the road. Meeting her was one of the best moments of my life.

What would've happened to Barrie if Sean had never grown attached to her? Maybe she would've ended up like Chico, who one day became unwanted. But she also could have gone into good hands, saved a dozen lives and become a hero, like Frida.


Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)

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Barrie was right to trust Sean: her now-owner could have bought a pedigree puppy, but instead he did everything to get his favorite and give her a loving home. A lot of people do the same – decide to save a life of a stray or abandoned animal. However, sometimes trust is hard to earn.


Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)

In order to help a new pet adapt you need to do the following:

  • provide a safe place;
  • be delighted with every meeting;
  • set limits and a schedule starting from the first day;
  • ensure the pet associates the owner with positive emotions;
  • create comfortable conditions so that they aren't scared of the new environment;
  • train and reward them;
  • give them your time and be gentle.

Допис, поширений Sean Laidlaw (@sean_lilo)

Animals are far more vulnerable than they might seem. Barrie is truly lucky and Sean's chivalry is undoubtedly admirable. If you were him, would you try to reunite with your beloved fur-friend? Or would you leave her behind?

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