With Sad Hearts The World Bids Farewell To Famous "Buff" Kangaroo, Roger. You Remember Him, Right?

Date December 14, 2018 17:20

Kangaroo Roger was famous for his strong muscles. Everyone has probably seen his pictures on the internet at least once; they became a meme some time ago. What an exquisite animal!

The sad news about Roger's passing was reported on the webpage of the sanctuary, where he lived and died of old age. He was 12 years old.

It can be considered great luck that the kangaroo lived for such a long time, though he suffered from arthritis and his vision worsened in his last years. In the wild, he would've had fewer chances of survival, as upon reaching the age of 14, the elderly marsupials become an easy target for young predators.

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Roger was saved by humans after his mother was run over by a car. The joey was taken out of the mother's pouch and nursed. 10 years ago, Chris Barns founded a sanctuary called "Alice Springs" specially for Roger where later he was joined by other kangaroos.

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The little marsupial grew up to be huge – he was over 6 ft tall when standing and weighed 196 lb. But the most amazing thing about Roger was his muscular body. Over time he became an active male, producing around 50 baby kangaroos.

World fame came to Roger in 2015 when a picture of him holding a metal bucket with his rippling muscles appeared on the internet. Everyone instantly fell in love with the unusual kangaroo and showed their love and admiration.

Now people are writing a lot of comments on the sanctuary's public page on social media expressing their condolences and showing their support. As Chris Barns mentioned, the soul of this "beautiful boy" Roger will always stay with them.

Roger lived a long and happy life, as kangaroos rarely live till his age. And this was also one of the special features Roger had, along with his appearance. He has already gone down in history as an incredible and extraordinary marsupial. Roger, people remember you!

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