Yep, It's Just A Dog! Owners Post Pictures Of Their Irish Wolfhounds Of Startling Sizes


February 4, 2019 11:37 By Fabiosa

If you've always dreamed of having a dog, take a closer look at an Irish wolfhound. Dog specialists say that they are loving, patient, and incredibly smart pets. Such a dog will become a true friend and a family member to your family. However, there's one little problem you should be prepared for...

Irish wolfhounds are massive – it is one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. They look daunting because of their size, as well as their muscular and firm build. However, this breed isn't fit for being a guard dog – they are too friendly.

Currently, Irish wolfhounds do not serve as service, guard, or combat dogs. They are companions and friends to people, especially children.

Funny pictures of Irish wolfhounds

1. If you encounter this canine for the first time, you might be apprehensive. That's how big they are!

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2. However, when you get to know them, you will become friends and you will realize that they're incredibly kind and harmless.

3. Irish wolfhounds get along well with other animals.

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4. They will be enthusiastic about any of your ideas.

5. These hounds are always around their owners.


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6. They absolutely love to be petted.


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7. If this canine stands up on its hind legs, it will be taller than a human.


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8. Not give this cutie a treat? Impossible!

9. You take in a little pup and then, before you know it, it grows up to be this massive!

10. Before becoming big formidable hounds, Irish wolfhounds start out as cute little balls of fur.

Irish wolfhounds are amazing canines that will give you all their love and care. Would you like to have one of these? Share this photo compilation with your friends. Brighten up their day!

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