After Several Months Of Treatment, A Stray Cat Finally Opened His Eyes, And They Are A Sight To Behold!


January 24, 2019 11:24 By Fabiosa

Stray animals are the scourge of our time. Cats and dogs end up on the streets for various reasons, but most often it is due to the fault of people. But it’s also people who help these animals. Responsible and compassionate humans pick them up, put them in shelters, treat them, feed them, and bring them back to life.

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One such story took place in South Florida. A man saw a feline in a miserable condition when it approached the bowl of his domestic cat. The white cat with a severe case of mange, exhausted from starvation and dehydration couldn’t open his eyes at all. Joe managed to put the stray into a cat carrier and posted for help. Carmen Weinberg, the founder of the animal protection organization Animal Friends Project Inc., responded.

The poor cat was named Cotton. He got examined, necessary treatment was prescribed, and gradually, Cotton started to regain his health!

The most amazing moment was when his eyes started to open. Fortunately, the rescuers’ fears that Cotton was blind were dismissed! Cotton’s vision turned out to be all right, but the beauty of his eyes stunned everyone – his eyes were of different colors, blue and yellow!

Little by little, the cat gained weight and grew new gorgeous cotton-white fur. Carmen’s family got so attached to the pet that they couldn’t bear to give him up for adoption. Now, they live together.

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Everyone who has learned Cotton’s story admire the people who took action, and are genuinely happy for the animal. If you also want to help stray cats and dogs, then you should know how best to do it:

  • donate money to an animal shelter;
  • go to the pet store and buy food for cats and dogs to carry it in the car in case you should meet a hungry pet on the street;
  • give away unnecessary bed covers, towels, and other things that could make enclosures and cages in a shelter more comfortable for pets;
  • help a shelter with your professional skills (an accountant could draw up an estimate of expenditure, a designer could draw a poster);
  • offer your services for cleaning enclosures, or feeding, walking and cuddling animals;
  • adopt a pet from a shelter – this is the best thing to do.

We are sure that you have a good heart and Cotton’s story has touched you. Now you know how you can help a stray animal in need and change its life for the better!

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