Exceptional Tubbiness Helps Dog Rupert Do Good Deeds

Date February 8, 2019

The fact that obesity is detrimental to human health has been universally recognized for a long time. But pets are no strangers to this problem either. Vets are sounding the alarm, as in the USA alone, over 100 million pets – which is about half of all cats and dogs – are overweight. Data provided by Nationwide, the country's largest provider of pet health insurance, shows that pet obesity is on the increase every year.

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Many cat and dog owners understand the consequences of this and are trying to take action. They change their furry companions’ diets and provide for more physical activity. But it doesn’t always help, as is the case with a Jack Russell Terrier named Rupert, who weighs 1 stone 7 pounds at age 13, which is almost double the size of an average Jack Russell.

Rachel Alonzo, the owner of the little chunky, says that he has always been quite large, even as a puppy. Several attempts to make the dog healthier by getting rid of those extra pounds failed.

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Meanwhile, Rupert’s accounts on social networks that Rachel created for her pet, turned out to be a success! Users subscribe to Rupert the D.O.G (his Instagram account alone has 163,000 subscribers) and enjoy following the life of the cute canine, commenting on his photos in various costumes.

Rachel Alonzo decided to use his fame to promote her books Diary of a Fat Jack Russell Aged 11 3/4 and Nose Boops dedicated to the pet, and a part of the profits goes to animal charity.

Rupert's social media accounts have raised over $5,000 in three years!

How do you like this unusual way the dog is helping animals? Well done, Rachel and Rupert!

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