4 Cat Breeds For People With Allergies

Date August 29, 2018

What to do if you really want a cat, but someone in your family is allergic to them? With big desire and some thinking, there may be a way out!

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Why are people allergic to cats?

First, let’s determine what the allergy is. A person can be allergic to both the fur and the cat. In this case, the symptoms will show at the presence of any woolen products or animals.


If a person is allergic, particularly to cats, they will be allergic to both short-haired and hairless breeds. In fact, it is caused not by the hair itself but by saliva, feces, urine, and particles of skin. That’s why a cat is inseparable from allergenic agents. Special breeds for people with allergies just secrete less of them, and they are easier to take special care of.

If the manifestations of allergies are not pronounced or if there is a reaction to other products, then you can try to get such a cat. If the allergy is strong, it is better to abandon this idea. No breed will help in this case.

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What breeds cause the least allergies?

1. The Canadian Sphynx

It is believed that this is the most hypoallergenic of all cat breeds. Its body is devoid of hair and covered in wrinkles. The skin itself is very soft and warm. They are characterized by particularly strong attachment to the master in comparison with other cats. They are curious, friendly, calm, and absolutely not aggressive. These cats are thermophilic, and they can even sunbathe under direct sunlight, but on the other hand, they can get burns, too! They have strong health, but their eyes require occasional wiping. For them not to get cold in winter, dress them up in warm clothes.

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2. The Don Sphynx

It looks like the Canadian, but the resemblance ends there. Genetically, they are very different; thus, it is even better to avoid cross-breeding. The body is soft, warm, and wrinkly. The Donskoy is a peaceful, kind cat. It is playful but often prefers to quietly rest and avoids making unnecessary movements. The cats of these breed can become strongly attached to the owner. Respond to training well.

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3. The Devon Rex

These cats have hair, but it is short and curly. Owners notice that they almost never shed. They are soft to the touch and pretty lovely. They establish a particularly strong bond with only one member of the family and try to spend all the time with them. By nature and behavior, they are not even compared with cats but with a dog or even a monkey! High trainability and intellect ensure fun and interesting leisure at home.

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4. The Siberian

Such a furry cat is unexpectedly considered to be hypoallergenic. Studies surprisingly discovered that their saliva and skin contain the least protein allergen. These cats are attached to the owner, but they don’t tolerate too much of caresses.

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Care for these cats ensures one's health. What rules are important to follow to decrease the chances of allergies?

  1. Bathe a cat 1-2 times a week. For this, get your pet used to bathing from an early age. Choose the appropriate temperature of water, so that the animal doesn’t catch a cold. Wipe it dry.
  2. Wash cat’s accessories (drinking and feed bowls, toys) daily.
  3. Wash hands after each contact with the pet and its things. Don’t touch them until they are washed.
  4. Don’t let the animal in the bedroom and your bed.
  5. Never allow the cat to walk on the table and places where you eat. Otherwise, it increases chances of allergens entering your body!
  6. Wet clean your place more often.

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Before deciding to get a cat, you need to know what exactly triggers the allergic reaction. Keep in mind that even within the same breed, there are highly allergenic individuals. Before getting a cat, it is better to first spend some time with representatives of the same breed, or even better – its parents. Getting a cat is not a decision one should make in haste.

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