Amazing Story Of A Dog Who Suffered From Obesity. Even TV Followed Her Fitness Plan Progress!

Date August 23, 2018

Oh, the problem of obesity! It is a scourge of our time. At the same time, you must know a dozen of weight loss stories. People find them so motivating, because they are rarely only about people who lost weight – they are also about finding a purpose in life, believing in oneself, setting and achieving goals. Women from all over the world hold their breath and cheer for their sisters’ stunning transformations. But this time, it was this little gal who got her share of attention.

Meet Miss Butterworth (or “Miss B”) – a corgi-Chihuahua mix. After the death of her owner, she got to Asheville Humane Society. After the initial medical examination, it sadly became clear that the dog weighed twice as much as she was supposed to – she was morbidly obese. And the only prescription was losing weight!

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A few volunteers decided to help Miss B to get in shape. In cooperation with vets, a fitness-plan was developed for the pup. It included regular walks, a corresponding diet, light physical exercises, and even swimming – sometimes she was taken to a lake.

A few times adorable Miss B has taken a part in Asheville Humane Society events, got on the radio and TV becoming a local celebrity. More and more people became interested in her progress. And the dog didn’t let her followers down!

In half a year her weight reduced from 20.2 pounds to 12! Miss B became elegant and slim.

The next step was to find her a new home.

But out of the blue, these plans were put on hold. At a routine medical check-up, a tumor was discovered on her front right paw, and it was malignant.

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She was operated in order to remove the tumor and the lymph node. Fortunately, it didn’t spread to other organs, so after rehabilitation, Miss B was rewarded with a new family.

A married couple Paula and Daryl Fox became her new owners, being selected from four applicants. Paula and Daryl had recently grieved a loss of their pet.

Miss B Fox, as she is called in her new family, quickly settled in and made friends with her new dog brother, Winston Thomas. They play, walk, and eat together. Complete peace and understanding!

This story was so inspiring to the internet community, that the new owners made her a separate Facebook page so that many people can follow the little influencer’s life.

Such a touching story! Let there be a warm home and caring owners for every dog!

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