Manicurist Was Slammed For Placing Living Ants Inside Nail Extensions

Date September 11, 2018

Every day, the nail designers have to come up with new ways to attract customers. A classic French or ombre manicure no longer surprises anyone. That’s why many modern nail salons use various unusual materials, shapes, and techniques.

Russian nail salon recently brought the game to the next level with a shocking new design. A nail technician placed living ants inside the nails!

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The manicurist made a recess in nail extensions, glued an additional wall from the inside, and put the living insects inside. A video with the process of implementing this insane idea was posted on the salon’s Instagram microblog.

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The beauticians were immediately accused of animal cruelty by thousands of people from around the world. A note that no living being was harmed during the beauty experiment didn’t calm the outraged internet community.

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Then, the salon had to post another video showing how they set the ants free.

The ants were alive! People, don’t go crazy. We are not animal killers, watch the video to the end, please. And I have a question for you: when you walk down the street and crush ants under your shoes, aren’t you the killers?

It should be noted that the salon is known for its unusual manicure designs.


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