They Thought Their Cat Got Lost, While It Went For A Walk And Returned In 7 Years — Only Thinner!

Date September 13, 2018

Seeing lost pet posters is always sad. Cats or dogs are true members of the family for many people, and their loss causes a lot of suffering, especially for children.

Fortunately, there are a lot of stories when after a while the animals return. Then the joy knows no limits! One of these stories comes from Lesya, a resident of Krasnoyarsk, Russia.


He disappeared from the country house in 2011. Apparently, someone took him. And at the end of this summer he came back, sat on the porch and didn’t leave. I didn’t believe it was ours until the last minute, but once I saw I realized it was HIM! 

Tishka, the cat, was about two years old when he ran away from a summer house, to which his owners had brought him. It was in 2011. And after 7 years he returned to the same place.

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The owners first began to doubt whether it was Tishka. But after he confidently went to his litter tray and cat house, everyone said:


But, naturally, he got thinner.

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Lesya's story on Twitter filled the readers with happiness. Everyone was surprised and congratulated the lucky owner. Some users shared their stories:

I still remember my favorite cat... which also disappeared about 7 years ago

Cats have a very good memory. After 2.5 years mine remembered my sister's apartment, where he used live as a kitten for 4 months. He didn’t even have to sniff anything, immediately made a beeline for his favorite places and hiding places

I used to have a cat also called Tishka. He left 20 years ago, but never returned. I still love, remember and really miss him. I congratulate you on such a wonderful return!

There were those to whom Tishka gave hope that their pets will return.

My cat left a month ago and your tweet gave me hope.

Now I have hope that my cat will return ((

We are very happy for the cat and for the owners. What a cheerful story! Do you know other stories like this? Tell us, please.

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