Abandoned Dog Meets People With Tears In His Eyes. Will He Find A New Owner?

Date March 13, 2019 13:19

Looking into the eyes of an abandoned dog is a serious test for the healthy human psyche. It is impossible to express the feelings that overflow you at this moment. It is even more difficult to imagine what the animal experiences itself, without the ability to show pain or anxiety except for eyes filled with tears.


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Tearful story of an abandoned dog

Employees from an animal shelter in California shared the story of two dogs brought to them anonymously. These are cross-breed brothers AJ and Toby (Pitbull-Labrador mix). The reason why the previous owners couldn’t keep the dogs for themselves isn’t specified and isn’t important to the animals. They just had to cope with the shock of being left alone in the cells.

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Unable to bear the animal’s sufferings, workers at the shelter captured a video of crying six-year-old AJ. The sad dog showed how painful it was to live through the betrayal of people whom he was ready to serve many more years.

Looking for new owners

The video was soon posted on Facebook. It immediately went viral, with the number of views reaching up to 5 million. However, the main task was to find a new owner to two adult dogs, who would agree to keep them in love and care. These dogs will be definitely able to reciprocate in gratitude!

Eventually, the miracle happened – AJ and Toby found a new home! This news has become no less popular than the previous one. Social network users were sincerely happy for the canine brothers.

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The staff of the same shelter told another story with a happy ending. Pitbull Blue King also survived a similar difficult period. He has since found new owners and now happily explores his territory.

Why is it worth taking an adult dog from a shelter?

Even though there were many volunteers to adopt the dog, some were concerned by the short term of the animal’s remaining life, while others were worried that it was challenging to get stray dogs housetrained.

However, animal defenders and those who have a similar experience with adult animals claim:

  • “senior” dogs already have their own character, which can be quickly recognized;
  • as a rule, many of them have already lived at home, so they are usually accustomed to the basic rules;
  • their size and color is immediately visible so you won’t be surprised if they grow larger in size than expected;
  • unlike puppies, adult dogs concentrate faster, so they are easily trained.

In any case, if you decide to take an animal from the shelter into your home, you need to be aware of the responsibility. After all, a dog or cat may not survive another betrayal.

You have to be prepared for some difficulties in the beginning. The new acquaintance and development of behavior may proceed slowly because the animal finds everything in your house new: smells, people, place to sleep, and food. It is important to be patient and be ready to show your love and compassion.

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