Amazing Little Kitten With Two Faces Became A Vivacious Cat, Winning The Hearts Of Thousands Of Instagram Users

Date December 20, 2018

Narnia isn’t actually a fictional country in your wardrobe. It is an unusual cat with a rare genetic feature that was born in France. Her owner Stephanie Jimenez is a breeder of the British Shorthair cat breed. She immediately fell in love with the amazing kitten and decided to keep it. Not only did she give the little darling a rare name in honor of the fictional country, but also made her her very own Instagram page.


Публикация от 🖤💙 AMAZING NARNIA Double Face (@amazingnarnia)  

Narnia has a very unusual color – half of her face is ashy-gray, while another is black. Scientists call this phenomenon chimerism. It is a genetic peculiarity when different sets of genes are present in one organism. For example, in the case of two embryos fusing in the early stages of development. Chimerism is found not only among cats, but also among other animals, plants, and even humans.

Today, the amazing “dual-faced” cat with blue eyes has more than 100,000 subscribers. Narnia has already managed to take part in a professional photo session, and even show off on French television.

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By the way, here is another unusual Instagram cat – Pompous Albert. He lives in Salt Lake City and received his Instagram page in 2015. Today, the cat with a haughty facial expression and tousled hair has nearly a quarter million subscribers. Albert got his name in honor of Einstein (their hairstyles are clearly similar). The first part of his name isn’t because of his character, of course, but because of his pontifical look.


Публикация от Albert (@pompous.albert)

The charming fluffball is a representative of the young Selkirk Rex breed, whose brightest feature is curly hair. The combination of ruffled gray wool and the expression of gloomy disregard has made Albert one of the most popular cats in social networks. Recently, Mr. Pompous has become the face (or rather muzzle) of advertising for Honda service centers.

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