Animal Abuse Just For Fun: Caring People Saved The Dog From Its Cruel Owner Who Painted The Pup Red


November 14, 2018 17:10 By Fabiosa

Unfortunately, there have always been some people who have been cruel towards animals. Cruelty can take many forms in relation to pets and wild animals.

Sad statistics

According to recent statistics, there has been an increase in registered crimes against animals by 340%. Apart from that, several medical research and experiments have been constantly conducted for various industrial companies around the world with about 100 million animals experiencing torture and torment.

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When getting a pet, people don’t understand or simply don’t think about the enormous responsibility for the life and health of their new little friends. They can be left starving or fed without considering the nutritional characteristics of the animal due to ignorance or, even worse, intention. There are frequent cases of physical violence and abandonment outside the home.

“Red” story

What is worse, animals are even be painted in bright colors for the sake of entertainment! This happened to Scarlet – a dog that was painted red simply because the owner wanted to have an unusual dog.

The puppy was found at a market in Athens. Caring people bought the pup out and brought her to the nearest veterinary clinic – she was only 3 months old. It couldn’t be determined how long she had lived with the unusual color. They immediately started the saving procedure.

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After thorough cleaning, the animal was checked for general condition and fed. The animal defenders decided to find her a new owner through social networks. Scarlet’s photos immediately became popular, with several people offered to pick up the puppy.

Scarlet gradually restored to her native color – the girl turned out to be white!

“Violet” story

Unfortunately, the cases of such cruelty can repeat. Some are much less fortunate. Violet’s owner decided that she should justify her name, and dyed her pet purple. The procedure caused very serious skin burns and hurt her eyes.

It took intensive and long-term treatment with subsequent recovery.

Harm to animals

Chemical substances that people use to dye their hair should under no circumstances be applied to animals. These can cause allergic reaction, toxic poisoning, and even fatal consequences. In addition, it can result in very serious psychological and emotional trauma for the pet. Moreover, fancy haircuts and costumes that are bought for animals should also be exercised with caution.

In many countries, such actions are considered mockery towards animals with subsequent criminal charges. If you have witnessed such cases, report them to animal rescue organizations or volunteers working in animal shelters. They can help. Don’t ignore such terrible crimes!

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