Bengal Or Persian? Your Zodiac Sign Will Help You Choose The Perfect Cat Breed

Date December 18, 2018 12:55

People adore cats. Soft fur, round eyes, and mysterious purr make you instantly accept a cute kitty as a full member of your family. However, you may encounter several doubts when choosing a pet. Will it obey? Will you build a proper relationship with it? Will your characters match? It turns out that our zodiac sign can help you find out.




People of this zodiac sign are active, emotional, and quick-tempered. That is why Maine Coon will perfectly suit them. These cats are loyal and won’t have any misunderstandings with their owner.

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Taurus people adore animals and easily approach pets that are both cheerful and inquisitive, as well as ones of more difficult temper. The Persian breed is recommended. They are a bit naive, but very soft and docile. They adore affection and don’t violate order in the house.






These people like everything unusual, so they will adore the cats with heterochromia. In addition, this sign is famous for their duality, so the pet will emphasize the owner’s character perfectly.






Sensitive representatives of the water element should pay attention to the Ragdoll cats. They are very docile, tender, and gentle – perfect for Cancers.






These proud and capricious people like pets who can single out their owner profitably and emphasize their status. Jealous and unpredictable Siamese cats turn into peaceful and obedient with Leo people, surprising the others.






Practical and calm Virgos will bring home the same unobtrusive and wise cats. For an earth sign, a cat is a friend and a neighbor, so it is clearly not a place for capricious pets. Virgo will be friends with a sphinx or a black cat, as well as a British.

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People born with this sign will like a two-tone or tuxedo pet. Such cats are usually famous for their intelligence and good manners, which elegant Libra are extremely fond of.






Scorpios are restrained people with a cold mind, who are eager to hug their cat and take a break from busy days. Russian blue will fit them better than others.






Unpredictable Sagittarians will easily conquer the world if a Bengal cat is there for them. This independent pet is unlikely to listen to their owners fully, but they are true friends, active, and curious. At the same time, you will definitely fall in love with this slightly arrogant but attractive face.






Conservative Capricorns should pay attention to tabby cats. Striped pets with a sharp mind and affection for the owner will suit people of this zodiac sign and bring peace and comfort to their lives.







Have you seen people exploring the world with their pets? Those are most likely to be Aquarius. Abyssinian cats are the perfect companions for this sign.






Vulnerable and unsure of themselves, Pisces need an understanding and gently purring pet who can comfort and understand them. An exotic shorthair cat will become an attentive listener and a real companion for this sign.



With this information in mind, you should still remember an important thing – choose with your heart. What about you? How have you managed to find your ideal cat? Share your experience in the comments.

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