“Dangerous Liaisons”: A Man And A Shark Have Been Friends For 7 Years. These Two Adore Hugging!

Date March 4, 2019 14:10

We have already made sure that any animal can become a man’s best friend. But usually, in such cases, we are talking about cats, dogs, and other pets. However, our hero of today’s story met an exotic and dangerous predator that eventually became his best friend.

Rick Anderson is a diving instructor from Australia. Each time, plunging into the water, he meets his friend – an almost 7-foot-long Australian bull shark. The ocean predator has no name, but Rick recognizes her by color:

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I started playing with her about seven years ago when she was just a pup about 6 inches long. I approached her carefully so as not to spook her, then began to pat her gently. Once she got used to me, I would cradle her in my hand and talk soothingly to her through my regulator.

Since then, the shark began to recognise Rick and swims up to cuddle every time she “feels” him.

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Most divers seeing this for the first time can't believe it. I don't feed her or any of the other sharks I play with - I basically treat them like I would a dog.

The man has been scuba diving for 27 years. He runs a diving school and hopes that his friendship with a bull shark will cause people to stop treating them like monsters or killers.

They're a totally non-aggressive shark unless you grab them by the tail, in which case like any animal, they'll try to get away.

Anderson isn’t the first man who managed to find a common language with a dangerous predator. Earlier, we told you about a diver who helped a whale shark get rid of a fishing rope that was wrapped around its body. The sea giant swam up to the scuba diver and “asked” him for help.

These fantastic stories have proven to us that even a predator can be your friend if you treat it kindly! Take care of all animals – do no harm.

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