Devastated Dog Cried Human Tears After She Was Used To Breed Puppies And Then Thrown Away


March 4, 2019 09:44 By Fabiosa

We are always touched by cute puppies and kittens, but we hardly ever know their origin. Unfortunately, sometimes they appear to this world under not the most pleasant circumstances – for example, by the exploitation of animals for breeding.

Violation of animal rights

Unfortunately, some pets are used only to give birth to puppies. Moreover, sometimes, they are even used for inbreeding (when two related animals are paired). This makes it possible to earn large sums in a relatively short period. In such cases, the rights of animals are violated, they experience pain and discomfort, and suffer from severe health deterioration.

Cinnamon’s painful story

Cinnamon is a female pit bull whose story will make you shed a tear. The former owners used the 7-year-old dog for breeding and abandoned it mercilessly after taking away her children. This is how she ended up in an animal shelter.

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One day, volunteer Sarah Sleime happened to pass by Cinnamon’s cage. She gave the pit bull attention and started speaking to her. When the dog looked up, there were tears in her eyes. The dog was crying like a human.

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The volunteer recorded the touching look and shared it on the social network to find a new family for Cinnamon. The video instantly went viral: it was viewed more than 5 million times with 27 thousand reposts made. People from all over the world sympathized with the dog and offered help. As a result, a miracle happened – new owners were found soon!

Cinnamon found a home in a family who loves pit bulls. She was renamed Rosie, symbolically starting the dog's life afresh. Now, Rosie has a loving family and a pit bull friend; she forever smiles and wags her tail.

Real animal help

If the story of Cinnamon/Rosie didn’t leave you indifferent, don’t ignore the animal exploitation if you know anything about it. This is how the breeders artificially create the animal overpopulation crisis.

In order not to support violence and save innocent animals, the best way out isn’t to buy pets, but rather adopt them from a shelter. This is the only chance to stop the inhumane animal breeding business.

Do you have pets at home? How did you get them? Share your experience in the comments.

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