“Our Baby”: A Childless Couple Saved A Squirrel And Raised It As A Valued Family Member

Date November 23, 2018

Being a good mom is a very difficult and responsible task. The baby requires constant attention, nutrition, warmth, and proper upbringing. This baby was born extremely lucky. Her “mom and dad” love her insanely and surround her with all possible care. Her name is Thumbelina, her “parents” are people, and she is a squirrel!

Christina and Michael are animal rights activists. Their working experience is deep and extensive, but this case became special and even changed their lives drastically!

One day, the couple’s neighbor returned home to his 10th floor New York apartment and saw a pile of leaves and branches on the bed. Upon closer inspection, he saw a nest with two newborn squirrels. The man called Christina and Michael to help the animals.

Christina suggested that the squirrel’s nest was destroyed, so she chose an apartment to give birth to the babies. The couple had to take the little cuties home and help them. Unfortunately, one baby didn't survive, but the second squirrel turned out to be a girl and was named Thumbelina, since she was incredibly tiny when they found her.

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When the squirrel became mature, Mike and Christina couldn’t let her go into the wild.

She didn’t have the necessary skills for survival: She could neither climb nor jump properly. Apart from that, the couple couldn’t imagine their life without their little “kid.” Therefore, Michael and Christina built her a sleeping place and began to raise her as one of their own.

Now she spends evenings like a normal person – watching TV, giving facials! – and adores eating avocados.

Christina and her husband have already spent about $10,000 on Thumbelina. The woman calls the squirrel her “child” and “best friend.”

My husband and I knew that we never wanted children. Thumbelina is our baby.

The couple’s relatives have already put up with the new family member and even send Thumbelina postcards.

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Sometimes the critter gets mischievous and gnaws on headphone wires, chargers, and the remote control buttons, or tries to get into the freezer.

She needs a lot of attention!

Thanks to top notch parental care, Thumbelina has grown into a healthy squirrel. Her charming behavior made her a real internet star! She has already got 105,000 Instagram followers.

Thumbelina is a lucky girl. She managed to survive and find a family. However, we must remember that squirrels are wild animals that need special care.

Cases when you need to help wild squirrels include when:

  • the little animal fell out of the nest;
  • a nest fell from the tree;
  • a tree fell with a nest in it.

If the squirrel isn’t injured, don’t touch it; give mom-squirrel a chance to transfer the baby to a new place. If it is cold outside and the squirrel isn’t covered with fur, wear gloves and place it in an open box with a warm cloth. You can put a hot water bottle wrapped in cloth to give it warmth, but make sure the squirrel doesn’t overheat. Don’t cover it with anything. Its mother must find it. If mom-squirrel hasn’t arrived before dark, contact the animal rights activists. They will tell you what to do.

Have you ever saved animals’ lives? Was it a wild animal? Share your experience in the comments.

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