Woman Saved This Tiny Kitten From Dogs And Was Stunned With Its “Royal” Size A Year Later

Date November 14, 2018

Homeless animals are always in need of people’s help. Only humans decide how many cats and dogs will wander the streets freezing and searching for food, instead of lying by the warm fireplace on their cozy blankets at home. Ask yourself a question – would you leave your favorite pet alone on the street?

Woman Saved This Tiny Kitten From Dogs And Was Stunned With Its “Royal” Size A Year Laterfrantic00 /

Unfortunately, people often show their brutal attitude towards stray cats and dogs. If only such terrible actions were dealt with more often.

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Woman Saved This Tiny Kitten From Dogs And Was Stunned With Its “Royal” Size A Year Latereffective stock photos /

If every person helped stray animals in the smallest way possible, this problem could easily disappear. In order to prove this, we want to tell you a story of a kitten named Richard. He turned out to be lucky because he was in the right place at the right time to meet his savior.

The Story of a Braveheart

A woman named Elena once noticed a kitten who had managed to escape from stray dogs. She found the little ball of fur in the parking lot in a terrible condition. His eyes were bulging so much he couldn’t close them even during sleep! He could barely raise his head. Vets couldn’t say the kitten would survive, but Elena believed that her tender care could heal the animal.

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She nursed the kitten, and he soon began to get better. Elena started taking photos of the furry feline. Finally, one day, he was lucky enough to meet a family who immediately wanted to adopt him. Elena told them she named the cat Richard because she thought the kitten was brave enough to hold the name of the king!

Time flew. Elena never forgot her little friend, so a year later she was happy to receive photos of a mature cat. Now Richard looks exactly like a king!

What to do if you decide to pick up a stray cat

  1. Bathe the animal if it is very dirty. If not, it is better to do it after a visit to the vet since the animal may have diseases that prohibit washing.
  2. Feed the pet, but remember it didn’t eat a lot for quite a long time, so don’t give too much food at first.
  3. Make a place for the pet in the house. Let it feel comfortable there – put a blanket, a pillow or a house for animals.
  4. Start training immediately to avoid unpleasant incidents in the future. Show it its toilet.
  5. Don’t scream at the animal and don’t scold, as it could still be distressed.
  6. If a vet approves, take preventative measures against worms, ticks and fleas.

Woman Saved This Tiny Kitten From Dogs And Was Stunned With Its “Royal” Size A Year LaterAbandoned stray cat is being petted by a personGoncharov_Artem /

Unfortunately, the topic of homeless animals has always been a sad one. It often frustrates when it comes to the dismal statistics. While it may be difficult to shelter everyone at home, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try helping strays. If you happen to see a helpless kitten or a puppy, you can always find a home for it at your neighbors or in a shelter. Our ignorance is the worst of crimes! People should be there for animals to make them feel safe, healthy, and happy.

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