Woman Was Bullying The Ex-Boyfriend’s Dog Until The Animal Was Miraculously Rescued Just In Time


January 23, 2019 14:27 By Fabiosa

Unfortunately, animal bullying is quite a frequent phenomenon nowadays. It can be expressed in different forms: from their abandonment to gross beating. There are no complete statistics on such cases, as they are often not reported to the police.

Surveys show that cats and dogs are bullied most often. The most aggressive towards animals are men under 30. Supposedly, in the United States, between 900 and 2,000 new cases of cruel animal treatment happen every year.

Champ’s fate was drastically impacted by his owners’ love story. Elizabeth James and her boyfriend broke up and she decided to keep their one-year-old dog for herself. Since Champ was originally the ex-boyfriend's pet, she decided to take revenge on the poor animal. Elizabeth was so angry and offended at her former lover that she kept the dog chained in the backyard, making him starve. Moreover, Elizabeth had other dogs, which she fed as usual.

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For half a year of such horrible conditions, Champ became very thin. All that was left of him was skin and bones. He even had his blood changed because of complete exhaustion. As it turned out, the police saved the unfortunate animal from the tormentor just in time. The vets paid the dog special attention because he had difficulties walking and required several blood transfusions.

Fortunately, Champ soon found a new family where he received long-awaited love and affection. Elizabeth was arrested, fined for animal mistreatment, and faced jail.

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If you have witnessed animal abuse

Unfortunately, people continue to behave with animals as with things. If you have witnessed such cruelty, you must immediately inform the police or animal welfare officers. You can even call media representatives in extreme cases. They are more knowledgeable about communication issues.

You can also volunteer at an animal shelter or make donations to organizations that provide assistance in such cases. However, the best option is to adopt a homeless animal from the shelter, surrounding it with attention and care.

Tell your friends how to deal with inhumane treatment. The more knowledgeable people are, the fewer instances of animal bullying there will be!

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