Unique Cat Was Set To Be Euthanized, But Found A Family And Became An Instagram Star

Date November 5, 2018 18:02

It is becoming increasingly difficult for animals to survive in modern society. Despite the huge number of organizations and activists defending the rights of homeless animals, abandoned pets continue suffering from hunger, cold, and most importantly, lack of love. However, if some healthy little animals still have a chance to impress a passerby and get into a warm, cozy home, others are simply doomed. Pets with a diagnosis like the cat in this story are simply thrown away or even killed. Fortunately, this cat was lucky to not only survive, but also find a loving family.



Maya is almost 2 years old. Animals with her illness rarely reach such a mature age. Luckily, she has managed to defy the odds. The cat has a rare genetic disorder, similar to human’s Down syndrome. Instead of 19 chromosomes, Maya has 20. Because of this, the feline sees and hears poorly, and suffers from constant sneezing.

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Fortunately, the cat lived through a real miracle. One day, passing near the back door of a Chinese restaurant in Boston, a man noticed a frightened and trembling creature with a peculiar muzzle. He carried the cat to a shelter, where the animal was warmed up and fed. However, this was supposed to have been her last lunch: Maya was put into a cage, preparing for the longest sleep – euthanasia. Few people are prepared to take a sick pet into their home, so the cat was going to be put out of her misery by mercy death.



As it turned out, this was one lucky day for the furry feline. When the shelter was visited by the organization The Odd Cat Sanctuary, which deals with the most hopeless situations, they took the cat, posted her photo on their Facebook page and found her a new owner.

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Lauren, the benevolent owner, created an account on Instagram for her darling. By the way, Maya has already got 205,000 followers. She loves to pose as any woman would. Like any otherwise healthy cat, she plays with pleasure, watches movies and is often curious about what is happening in the house. Of course, she hardly ever leaves her owner alone. Maya even inspired the artist who dedicated a book to her unique feline friend.



This story proves that any animal deserves love and sympathy, since it will soon return even more of it. Don’t be afraid of difficulties, because there is nothing more valuable than a loyal pet always there for you.



Would you take an animal with health problems from a shelter? Have you already done so? We would love to hear your experience in the comments.

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