Top 5 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Date August 29, 2018

Every dog owner believes his pet is the most skillful animal in the world. However, scientists have recently found out what breeds are the most intelligent. Such dogs react to all orders instantly and can even anticipate an owner’s desires. A lot of breeds are created for decorative purposes; however, for most of them, the intellectual qualities are of utmost importance. This doesn’t mean the other dogs are completely stupid – they just need a bit more time on their training.

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What is the intelligence of the dogs?

  1. Words and gestures understanding. According to neuropsychologist and mental activity researcher Stanley Korin, dogs can understand up to 160 words.
  2. The concepts of numbers (can count up to 5, differentiate up to 5 objects at the same time, understand the difference in amounts).
  3. Solving simple logic problems.
  4. Influencing human emotions and mood.

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The most easily-trained breeds

1. Border Collie

The shepherd breed that perfectly manages a herd of sheep, shows itself well as a home pet, and can easily guess an owner’s mood and desires to respond to the orders instantly. Border Collie isn’t a dog that likes to lie and rest for a long time. It needs activity, entertainment, and work. This is a really hardworking animal. The owners have repeatedly noticed their Border Collies can adapt to any situation.

There was once a Border Collie named Rico who understood 200 words and surprised the researchers with its excellent memory.


2. Poodle

Funny appearance and amazing mental abilities – that’s an ideal description of the Poodle. Some of them are introduced as decorative pets, forgetting about their abilities. They can be taught for both guarding, hunting, rescuing, as they are excellent swimmers. Moreover, this breed is also able to learn amazing tricks. They are good-natured but energetic.

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3. German Shepherd

It is another breed that can protect, save, and hunt. They are devoted to an owner and feel alerted to the strangers. German Shepherds are energetic and curious. Their interest in everything is especially noticeable in the childhood. One of their biggest drawbacks is abundant molting, so the dogs must be regularly combed and washed.

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4. Golden Retriever

These dogs are extremely skillful and very easy to train. They have nice appearance and calm character, so they easily find a common language with children. The specialists believe they can’t harm children and are always able to withstand babies’ tricks. It feels the owner’s mood and anticipates the wishes. These dogs absorb information during their lifetime like a sponge. They are affable and friendly.

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5. Doberman

These smart dogs have a single nuance to be well-aware of – they must be constantly trained to avoid becoming uncontrollable. Doberman is an active dog that serves well as a defender. A dog needs constant attention and explanation why the things need to be done. It has quite a peculiar character, but in case you devote all your attention to the dog and find a common language, it becomes very faithful.

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As you can see, the dogs have much in common with people – they are energetic, hardworking, and faithful. In case of correct training, you will receive a perfect friend.

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