Experts Explain The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Kill Home Spiders: It Isn’t About Superst

Experts Explain The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Kill Home Spiders: It Isn’t About Superstitions!


September 21, 2018 12:15 By Fabiosa

Perhaps, everybody remembers when parents told us not to kills spiders. Some even added a list of troubles that could happen to a person, starting with the illness and ending up with the death of a close relative. It was believed this is how you can bring disaster home and failure in your personal life.


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Different peoples had their own superstitions about spiders. However, these 8-legged insects can actually mean a lot of good. For example, if a spider crawls along the wall upwards, you should wait for a pleasant event; if it comes down on your head, the happiness will be there for you all the time. There have been numerous legends and superstitions, but most people still tend to feel unbearable disgust towards the spiders.


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Life shows that people are divided into two categories: those who are afraid of spiders, and those who don’t mind taking them in hand. Accordingly, the answer to the question to kill or not to kill is different. However, regardless of how the insects may scare you, it is bad to deprive these creatures of their lives.

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The principle of not killing a spider has actually got its scientific justification. All the entomologist-specialists can prove you there is nothing good in killing this insect. The spiders are an integral part of our homes’ ecosystem, and even if you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they don’t perform their duties. And this is great!

Spiders weave their nets to catch food and help us get rid of harmful pests. For example, mosquitoes and flies are the carriers of the annoying diseases. Thus, spiders regulate the population of these insects without any human participation.

Most spiders don’t pose any threat to humans, although some of them are poisonous indeed. Almost none of them will be able to bite the skin and inject the poison. In addition, they prefer to hide, because they are afraid of us much more than we are.


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The best way out is peaceful coexistence with spiders. If this doesn’t go with you, just take out the insect along with its cobwebs on the street – let it peacefully live there.

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