Average Lifespan Of Cats And Dogs. How To Make Your Beloved Pet Live Longer

Date September 5, 2018 13:52

Unfortunately, our pets live less than we do. In the world of dogs, the smallest breeds live the longest, while the largest – the least. For example, Yorkshire Terrier can live up to 15-17 years and Сhihuahua up to 15-20 years. Great Dane dogs, one of the largest breeds, live about eight years.

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This life expectancy is due to various genetic changes in the selection process. However, these are only average indicators. It all depends on the dog’s lifestyle and an owner’s care. The pets that regularly run on the fresh air, eat the healthiest food, and spend the least time at home have the longest lifetime.

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The dog is considered mature at five years and becomes senior at 9. Remember, it depends entirely on you how long it will live.

How can I extend my pet’s life?

Sometimes, it is possible to bypass genetics. You just need to love your pet and take care of its health:

1. Conduct regular examinations with a veterinarian. The best protection against any disease is its prevention. Early detection contributes to fewer complications.

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2. Do all the necessary vaccinations.

3. Walk regularly on the fresh air and come up with different games.

4. Follow the diet and don’t let the dog gain excess weight. Obesity shortens life.

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5. Each breed should be raised in its suitable climate.

6. Control fertility. The fewer births, the more the dog will remain in a healthy form.

How long the different cat’s breeds live?

Domestic cats can live up to 15 years, but some pets live more than 20 years. Street animals often don’t survive more than 5-6 years due to severe environmental conditions and a large number of births. Similarly to dogs, the average life expectancy here can also differ. A mature cat is considered to be at the age of 1 and becomes senior at 11-12 years.

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How to prolong the cat’s life?

1. Castration and sterilization. Not all owners can decide on this procedure; however, castration and sterilization can prolong the pet’s life for a couple of years. This is because the animal won’t experience many stresses. There will be no rapid hormonal fluctuations that negatively affect the domestic cat’s health.

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2. Balanced nutrition. The body should receive a sufficient amount of useful substances. You should choose a premium class meals to make sure they are appropriate. Don’t feed your cat with banned food, such as pork, potatoes, or dough.

3. Check with a veterinarian for any suspicions of behavior changes. The disease is easier to prevent or treat in the early stages. Do timely preventative treatment against parasites to remove fleas.

4. Keep the toilet and feeders clean. With improper care, many microorganisms and toxins can develop quite easily, causing various diseases.

5. Don’t take the pet for a walk alone. Even the smartest cats can get into a fight, receive injuries, and become infected from other animals.

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If you love your pet and ready to pay with it, you may create all the necessary conditions to make it live much longer than average expectations.

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