Most Diseased Dogs’ And Cats' Breeds

Date September 7, 2018 09:01

People have been breeding domestic dogs and cats for centuries, selecting the best qualities and character features. The animals have been changing over time, becoming smaller or larger. Of course, there were some negative consequences as well. Each breed acquired their genetic diseases and unfortunate predispositions.

Most diseased dogs’ breeds

1. Pugs

Pugs refer to brachycephalic breeds, with a peculiar feature on their face – flattened muzzle. Unfortunately, it is also the main cause of all their health problems. Most often, they have problems with breathing (pugs snore and grunt) and get tired very quickly due to lack of oxygen. Skin folds contribute to overheating and infectious skin diseases. Pugs have problems with their teeth. Moreover, there is a big possibility of obesity. The owners also complain about eyesight problems and even its complete loss.

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2. Bulldogs

Bulldogs belong to the same brachycephalic breeds. Consequently, the main problem is associated with violations of the respiratory system. Their nose often suffers a lot from cracking. Skin is often affected with dermatitis and various infections. Overheating and overcooling are not recommended for these dogs because they can easily get sick. Bulldogs can also suffer from musculoskeletal system disorders: joint dysplasia, dislocation, and spine disease. Bulldogs can’t give birth in a natural way; the majority needs a cesarean section. One of the most frequent death causes is a cardiovascular failure.

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3. Boxers

Boxers were created due to the special jaw and muzzle structure, as they were the best at fighting. Even though they are still used as service and security dogs, they are also good guides. Unfortunately, serious health problems may prevent the animals from succeeding. Dogs can easily overheat and suffer from deafness, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases. They have problems with the oral cavity, teeth, intestines, and eyes. There is also a high probability of developing cancer.

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4. Dachshunds

Similarly to other hunting breeds, Dachshunds have a good immune system. However, their owners believe if the dog isn’t looked after very carefully, unpleasant diseases will start to appear. Osteoporosis, dislocation of the intervertebral discs, can lead to paralysis and pain. In some cases, it’s dangerous even to pick them up. A typical disease is skin dystrophy (black acanthosis) – some places may suffer from pigmentation, hair loss, unpleasant smell, and even creases. Dachshunds often have epilepsy of a hereditary nature. A real problem for the dogs is obesity. Since the pet is considered a hunting dog, the home lifestyle and little activity have a bad effect on its health.

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Most diseased cats’ breeds

1. Siamese

This beautiful cat was bred in Thailand for the beautiful appearance, but unfortunately, all the health problems were simply ignored. As a result, the greatest percentage of hereditary diseases concerns this breed. These cats often suffer from the respiratory system (for example, rhinotracheitis), eyes redness, drooling, running nose, and even pneumonia. There is a predisposition to vestibular apparatus violations, which is noticeable by the cat’s behavior. The breed’s characteristic disease is strabismus. These animals should not be subjected to stress and left alone, as they are prone to mental disorders. Siamese cats may also develop glaucoma, joint dysplasia, diabetes mellitus, increased pain sensitivity, and different heart diseases.

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2. Persian

One of the most popular cats in the world. In addition to their attractive appearance, they have a tendency to various diseases: eyes (blindness, retinal atrophy), teeth (tartar, gingivitis), kidneys (polycystic kidney disease, kidney failure), heart (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias), respiratory organs (rhinotracheitis) and others.

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3. Oriental

A cat with interesting appearance but extremely vulnerable heart. The pet’s genetics is similar to Siamese cats, meaning the same predisposition to similar diseases. Cats are prone to respiratory tract diseases, retinal atrophy, and flat chest syndrome, which appear in kittens and lead to a decreased vital activity.


4. Balinese

The breed is related to Siamese and Oriental cats. It has increased predisposition to heart disease, nystagmus, and strabismus.


These diseases aren’t necessarily be related to every pet. We described only most spread inclinations. With proper care, regular veterinarian examination, and timely treatment, the animal will be healthy and live a long and happy life.

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