My Dog Is Losing Hair! How Can I Help It?

Date October 1, 2018 18:27

Dog’s hair can fall out for various reasons. This can happen to any dog, both old and young. Luckily, there are several ways out, and we can help your pets cope with it.

This symptom often accompanies aging in dogs. With age, their hair becomes thinner and they also start to give a specific dog smell. The main reason for hair loss, in this case, is that it is more difficult for a dog to take care of its coat on their own.

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It is worth paying attention to other signs of dog’s aging:

  • gray hair;
  • teeth grinding;
  • significantly lower activity;
  • increased naughtiness;
  • poorer hearing and sight.

Even if your mature dog suffers from hair loss, it is possible to slow it down.

Help the dog with the hair loss

It is necessary to conduct hygienic procedures more often and to bathe the dog with special shampoos. This is how you will be able to get rid of the smell and prevent bacterial skin infections.

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It is also necessary to revise the animal’s ration. Very often, hair falls out due to lack of vitamins and other nutrients. It is necessary to take the dog to the vet, to take a blood test and find out exactly what it lacks. You shouldn’t choose medicines by yourself not to harm the pet.

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In addition to hair loss, there may be a sharp deterioration in the animal’s general condition. Therefore, don’t postpone a visit to the vet – your pet's life may be at stake.

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Source: zoologist Ekaterina Zakharova

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