Shelter Volunteers Found An Unknown Animal In Front Of Their Door In The Morning. After It Was Groomed, People Couldn't Recognize It!

Date September 13, 2018 15:09

Unfortunately, not everyone remembers the saying - “We are responsible for what we have tamed!”

In one of the shelters in Nevada, an unknown man threw a carry-over for animals in the middle of the night. Surveillance camera pictured how a man carefully puts the cage in front of the door. In the morning, the organization’s head, Liz Begovic, found an overgrown cat inside the carry-over.

The animal was in poor condition and resembled a large cluster of dirt and wool with sad eyes. Initially, the volunteers even considered the creature was a dog.

Shelter workers spent more than an hour to release the poor animal from his “woolen imprisonment.”

We immediately took the cat to the vet, where he was given a sleeping pill. Then we shaved off 5 pounds of wool, which hardly fit in a standard garbage bag.

After the examination, the vet found that the age of the cat was about ten years. Because of the extensive hairstyle, the pet was nicknamed Bob Marley.

The cat could barely move under the weight of his wool. Probably, that’s why he gained extra weight. Otherwise, not including a couple of extra pounds, the pet was healthy and full of energy.

However, that’s not the end of Bob’s story. The cat has already managed to find a new home and caring owners who will help him recover after years of neglect. Despite the mature age, there are still many years of careless life for the pet!

Bob isn’t the only animal that got into the volunteers’ hands in terrible condition. A couple of years ago, another dirty cat with thick hair was delivered to Chicago shelter. The amount of wool was almost twice the size of the pet itself.

The volunteers helped the poor animal not only to get rid of woolen shackles but also to find a new home!

It’s sad to realize that pets continue to be thrown out onto the streets and shelters. However, while in our world there is still at least one person that is ready to help the four-legged friends, the humanity isn’t lost!