Should You Deprive Your Beloved Cat Of Its Claws?

Date August 20, 2018

In most of the times, a cat is a cute animal, which pleases its owners as a constant purring ball of fur. However, some of the most “tender” animals enjoy scratching your wallpaper and furniture with their claws. Therefore, most cat owners soon ask themselves a question: can my cat live without claws?

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Do you need to do this?

Vets agree it is very cruel towards the animal because such surgery is quite complicated and is conducted with anesthesia. The doctor cuts not only the claw but also the tip of the phalangeal bone. It’s similar to removing a part of your finger.

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After the operation, the animal feels defenseless, constrained, and simple habitual actions bring it much discomfort. Cats suffer from a lot of stress. Some animals, accustomed to climbing all over the room, don’t stop falling after the surgery as they don’t understand why they can’t do the same thing they had done before. During rehabilitation, cats are constantly in pain and have to be treated with anesthetics. If such cat happens to stay on the street without the owner, it will be neither able to hide nor to defend itself and will quickly die.


What if the cat spoils the furniture, but I don’t want to remove its claws

One option is to cut off the tips of the claws with the special scissors. At first, it will be difficult, so it is better to ask a vet for help. You may unwillingly touch the blood vessels, causing severe pain and even inflammation.

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There are also other options:

  • use special cat “shoes”;
  • teach a cat to use a scratching pad.

The education is the most impactful at the age of up to a year.

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Removing claws doesn’t always solve the problem, because a pet, deprived of its main protection tool, can drastically change its behavior. The cat can become more aggressive and use its teeth. Therefore, you should neither harm your beloved pet nor make it suffer. It is much better to look for alternatives if possible. What about you? Have you ever had similar problems with your cat? What did you do? Share your experience in the comments.

Source: Zoologist Ekaterina Zakharova

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