Ants Building Bridge With Their Own Bodies To Destroy Wasp Nest. The Video Is Just Mesmerizing!

Date August 13, 2018 13:34

Without any drawings, foreman, and instructions, ordinary ants erect buildings with the help of their bodies in the form of bridges or towers when they need to get over barriers. Have you ever seen such a spectacle? If not, then watch the video below.

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The author of the video commented:

Look at the bridge they have built... Apparently, whilst ants should be able to walk upside down,they are not very comfortable with it during an attack,hence,they made this huge "U" formation.

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Scientists say that this phenomenon can be easily explained. When an ant sees a precipice, it instinctively stops. Then, his brothers are pulled up. When one ant climbs on the back of another, the bottom one stops. On average, one ant can withstand three individuals. The remaining ants, aimlessly wandering around the bodies of their comrades, find an unoccupied place and get into the whole structure to create the stronger support.

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By the way, scientists claim that the study of ants helps to develop the understanding of human nature much faster. People and these insects actually have a lot in common. For example, they actively use the principle of the division of labor, as we humans do.

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