In What Cases Does Your Elderly Dog Need A Diaper And How To Find The Right One?

Date October 1, 2018 14:44

The age of the animal manifests itself through different unpleasant symptoms, which indicate the health status. Some of these symptoms may require a diaper.

When does a dog need diapers?

  1. After surgery, when the dog does not control its urination.
  2. In the case of diseases with incontinence among the symptoms.
  3. During the estrus cycle in females, and when males mark territory.
  4. If the dog cannot wait until going for a walk.
  5. When traveling over long distances.
  6. In older age, when the dog does not control urination.

Thus, a diaper is an opportunity for the dog and its owner to live more comfortably.


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How to choose a diaper?

If you need to buy a diaper for the first time - it's better not to take the entire pack at once, but to try out a couple of pieces to check if they fit and are comfortable for the dog. They can be purchased at any pet store or ordered online.

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The main criterion for picking the diapers is the size of your dog. They should fit perfectly: diapers should neither fall off nor compress too much. They are available in the following sizes:

  • for small breeds (Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terriers) - S;
  • for medium breeds (Pekingese, Bolognese) - M;
  • for a bit larger breeds (Cocker Spaniels, Beagles) - L;
  • for large dogs (Schnauzers, not adult specimens of large breeds) - XL;
  • for the largest ones (Labradors, Dobermans, German Shepherd) - XXL.

Due to anatomical differences, there are special diapers for females and males.

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How to train your dog to use a diaper

In the first days of using a diaper, the dog should be gradually accustomed to it. The very first time will be a bit tough. You should distract your dog while putting on a diaper. You can also give your dog some treats for dealing with the discomfort. You could also try doing it in a playful manner. Gradually, the dog gets used to such an accessory.


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For the first couple of days, it is necessary to watch over your dog, so that it doesn't start gnawing and tearing the diaper off. You can put on special overalls for smaller breeds.

It is very important to regularly change diapers. If you do not do this for a long time, the skin can become irritated, which can lead to bacterial diseases. This brings discomfort and pain. Now and then, let the dog walk around without a diaper, as it does not let the air in.

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To accustom your dog to diapers and a slightly altered lifestyle, you need a little patience and creativity. But in the nearest future, your efforts will pay off by saving all your nerves and providing your pet with comfort. And what do you think,  are dog diapers helpful in all cases?

Source: Catherine Zaharova, a zoologist

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