Meet Bronson – A Cat That Weighs More Than 30 Pounds And Has His Own Instagram Page!

Date October 1, 2018 18:03

How can one not love pets? Maybe some don't want to deal with caring for pets, but petting a fluffy cat or playing fetch with an active puppy can surely boost anyone's mood! Today, we are here to talk about cats! Or at least, about one cat. A good half of the population has these aristocratic pets, or even a few.

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Meet Bronson – a cat that weighs more than 30 lbs. At first glance, Bronson may seem sweet and puffy, but in fact, the couple that sheltered the cat wants to help him lose weight. Sadly, the problem of obesity is very serious not only for humans, but also for animals.

That's exactly why you shouldn't listen to your impulsive desires, as you risk overfeeding your pets. This is not good for them in any way!

The new owners immediately took the cat to a veterinarian, where they learned that losing weight should be a very slow and gradual process, so it doesn't harm Bronson's liver.

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Now, Bronson has a very specific diet that was designed exclusively for him. He can consume 375 calories a day. Moreover, he also does regular physical exercises!

You have, probably, noticed that Bronson's weight loss is based on the same principles, but with specific rules. The couple uses different tricks to help Bronson move more throughout the day. For example, they move his bowl with food or offer the cat all sorts of toys. His favorite is a tomato, filled with catnip. He loves to attack and bite it, and then, beat it with his paws.

The couple created Bronson's account on Instagram so that people could monitor his weight loss. Moreover, it can be useful for those whose pets are also obese. The good mission is worthy of respect!

We believe that soon enough, Bronson will become a sporty and a healthy cat, and will be able to enjoy his life in the fullest. He is definitely lucky to have such awesome owners, because it's one of the main keys to success!

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