Silence, Please: The Singing Dog Made A Stunning Performance During The "America's Got Talent" Show

Date July 31, 2018

Today, talent shows are incredibly popular on television. You never know what the participants will show the jury and the audience. Well, how about witnessing a singing dog on the stage? This little pet definitely surprised everybody around. Cute retriever named Oscar took part in the America’s Got Talent show. He was accompanied by his owner, Mrs. Pam.

The pet instantly became the public love as soon as he entered the stage.

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Simon Cowell, one of the jury members, asked the woman why she decided to come to the show with her dog. Pam answered that Oscar has a unique talent and can sing to the piano’s accompaniment.

The dog’s owner said that Oscar started singing a year and a half ago and is now slowly improving his skills.

Simon said to the woman:

I have been doing this show for quite a long time. I have been constantly repeating here if we could find a singing dog, then it would be very cool.

Pam began to play Pachelbel's Canon, and Oscar started howling to her accompaniment. The jury was delighted with the performance, so the participants managed to pass to the next stage of the competition.

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Here we offer you to enjoy Oscar’s amazing talent!

However, the jury found a small drawback in the couple’s performance. They joked that Pam needed to learn how to play a musical instrument a little better.

Also, here is Oscar’s home rehearsal! What a stunning voice howl!

What about your pet? Have you noticed any hidden talents among them? Share your stories in the comments.

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