Woman Found Mountain Lion In Her Living Room, But Managed To Calm Her To Sleep And Safely Saw Her Off At Dawn

Date May 15, 2019

Not everybody likes uninvited guests, even more so if it is a large predator. Here's what happened to a woman from Oregon, USA.

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When Lauren Taylor returned home one evening, she discovered a huge mountain lion in her living room. Her housemate screamed and ran away, leaving her behind face to face with the wild animal. Because of the noise, the feline got frightened, agitated, and tried to get out through a closed window. 

After failing, the lion became even more anxious. Then, Lauren, who has a big experience of working with energy and animals, tried to calm down the intruder on the energetic level, with her thoughts. And it worked!

This is how she managed to soothe the predator:

Cats are extremely perceptive of energy, and this lion could have been dangerous in an energy field of fear or anger. Once the energy shifted, she calmed down.

The wild cat hid behind a couch, so Lauren went outside to look at her through the window. The lion was fast asleep!

It was woken up by a noise from outside, but Lauren once again tried using telepathy. It’s hard to believe, but the predator fell asleep again.

The uninvited guest slept for 6 hours at the woman’s dwelling. "The lion clearly felt safe and showed no inclination to leave," Lauren shared.

A couple hours to dawn, Lauren decided to make her leave without causing her to panic.

I sent telepathic pictures of the routes out of the house via open doors and the route out in the backyard, across the creek, through an open field, and back up into the hills.

Then, she started drumming. With the noise, the mountain lion got up and quietly walked right out.

Lauren shared this incredible story on Facebook, and people were amazed by her courage and skill.

It was also assumed that the animal was probably looking for a shelter from forest fires in Oregon.

Regardless of whether telepathy worked or Lauren just got lucky, this story is definitely worth checking out. Your friends will love it, so share it with them!

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