Non-Royal Habits: 10 Ways Meghan Markle Wears Her Jewelry

Date June 8, 2018

What do we know about actresses? They never stop experimenting. Their looks always deserve attention, positive or negative comments. A while back, Meghan Markle was an actress. Now she opened a new page of her life. She became a Duchess! It seems that one person couldn't have handled such different roles. However, Meghan proves otherwise. 


The royal's family women should be responsible when choosing jewelry. Before the wedding, Meghan was free in the decision to wear stockings or uncovering her shoulders. But now, there must be not a single mistake. We thought through Meghan's way of wearing jewelry. Let's move to the most interesting part!

1. Thin rings are stock in trade 


She will unlikely wear them after; however, during the official events she attended with Prince Harry before their marriage, she always appeared wearing thin rings on almost all fingers. It looked minimal and feminine. 

2. Meghan likes wearing jewelry from different sets


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This can be noticed during her wedding. For the ceremony, she wore a wrist strap by Cartier. And for the afterparty, she chose rings from the same set. The best of two worlds at once is an obsolete concept. Meghan decided wisely.

3. She wears a ring on her big finger


Just as in the case with small rings, Meghan was following this trend even before marriage. We never know how things are going to be, but at that time, it looked gorgeous!

4. She adores gold


Nowadays, celebrities prefer silver or white gold. Meghan often showed up wearing thin golden bracelets and rings. Royal collection will for sure please the beauty! 

5. She wears asymmetric earrings


That's another trend! Meghan is an owner of her own glamorous jewelry collection. She knows how to put accents and not to overload the look. As a rule, her jewelry can be barely noticed, but at the same time, she looks impressive. Assimetric earrings prove it. 

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6. The most expensive Meghan's jewelry came from Canada


Jewelry brand Birks takes a special place in Markle's heart. We saw her wearing their earrings twice - on Christmas and during the engagement ceremony. When meeting the royal family for the first time, Meghan decided on earrings priced at almost $7 000. 

7. No exceptions even for the wedding day


We are not speaking about her tiara now. Meghan was seen wearing her wedding earrings even before. It happened a month before the ceremony. And there is nothing wrong with it!

8. Simple engagement ring


Seemingly, Prince Harry is aware of Meghan's jewelry preferences. Therefore, he designed the engagement ring by himself. It really looked perfect on her finger!

9. She follows the traditions


Meghan has got her wedding ring by the royal rules. In 1923, they took a decision that all royal brides should wear a ring made of a very rare Welsh gold. None has broken the tradition so far! 

10. She kept her character even after the wedding 


We have not yet noticed thin rings or asymmetric jewelry. However, she chooses minimalistic ones. For example, for the first engagement, Meghan wore simple rosebud earrings. Their cost is around $2 500.

It's precious when a woman has a good taste, which can be easily noticed in details. We came to a conclusion that Meghan Markle knows how to choose and wear jewelry in order to look stylish and elegant. 

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