49-Year Old Charlie's Angels Star Dyed Her Hair For The First Time In Years

Date May 30, 2018

Many famous actresses change their style from time to time, growing into new characters or attracting public’s attention, to the delight of their fans. And there are those who stick to their signature appearance. Until recentlyб Lucy Liu was one of the latter. She became famous during her Ally McBeal days and firmly established on the screen with roles in Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill, and Chicago.


The owner of effective and feminine appearance has always been known for her splendid hair. Unlike most of her colleagues, Lucy always stayed faithful to medium length and natural dark color of her hair.


Although she almost never changed her hairstyle, the looks she chose for red carpets were impeccably elegant. Liu has always preferred classical hairstyle and makeup close to natural, slightly highlighting her skin with rouge.


On 21 May, 2018, Lucy attended Obie Awards ceremony in New York, astonishing and delighting her colleagues and admirers with a new unexpected look – she would be unrecognizable, if it wasn’t for such characteristically cute features of her face.

She changed magnificent dark hair for warm sandy blonde, which suits her as well. For this public appearance, Liu chose a black dress and looked stunning.


In addition to hair color, Lucy also somewhat changed her usual makeup, adding more bronze tones.


You may remember that recently Liu has not been seen at social events as much as her fans would want. She works a lot, being involved in charity and humanitarian activity, and also she is raising her son Rockwell, who is going to turn 3 in August, 2018.

This adorable boy is the actress’s first child. Despite being famous, she is carefully protecting her personal life from publicity. The boy was born with the help of a surrogate mother, and the biological father still remains a mystery. It is also unknown, if there is another beloved man in Lucy’s life except for her son.

The reason for Lucy Liu’s radical change is anybody’s guess. However, it seems that this new fresh and cheerful color made her look softer and delicate, wouldn’t you agree?