Royals All Over The World Abdicate Their Titles To Prove True Love Is Above All

Date July 12, 2018 16:55

Is it true that no king can marry for love? If marriages of convenience were popular among the royal families in the past, today, it is not so difficult to abdicate the throne for the sake of a beloved person. However, only in case, the mutual love is real!

Here are the stories of seven crown princesses and princes who made a truly royal choice, giving up their titles or even the throne!

1. Edward VIII - the late uncle of Queen Elizabeth II

Edward VIII was to become the King of England in January 1936. However, by that time he was in love with the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson. At the time of the engagement announcement, the woman was in the process of divorcing her second husband! When Edward faced the choice between the throne and love, he did not hesitate for a second:

I found it impossible to fulfill the duties of the king without the help and support of the woman I love.

After the wedding, the couple moved to France, where they lived together until Edward's death in 1972.

2. Prince Johan Friso of the Orange-Nassau – the late brother of Willem-Alexander the King of the Netherlands

Prince Friso’s bride made the royal family feel nervous. In 2003, the prince announced the engagement with Mabel Wisse-Smit, who had previously been the leader of a major drug cartel. This was too much even for the democratic Dutch court, so Friso decided to leave the palace forever.

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Spouses lived happily until in February 2012, Johan got ambushed under the avalanche at a ski resort during a holiday. In August 2013, the man died remaining in the coma. Friso’s widow brings up two daughters and has not remarried yet.

3. Prince of Luxembourg Louis Xavier Marie Guillaume - son of Henri the Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Louis announced his marriage at the age of 19. It was sergeant Tessie Anthony who won the prince’s heart. Louis met the daughter of an ordinary roofer during a peacekeeping mission in Yugoslavia.

The romantic affairs developed rapidly, so in a couple of months, the prince introduced Tessie to his family not only as a bride but also as the mother of his unborn child. Although the monarch’s family accepted the baby, his father had to give up the rights to the throne.

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Tessie and Louis lived in marriage for ten years, but in early 2017, the couple announced about the divorce. After this, the prince resumed his duties as a member of the royal family.

4. Princess Sayako Kuroda - the third child and the only daughter of Japan Emperor Akihito

Princess Sayako decided that she would manage her life on her own. Having reached the marriage age, the girl told her parents her wedding would take place only with the one she would choose for herself. This was exactly what happened after the princess met Yoshiki Kuroda at the Tokyo University.

Sayako didn’t manage to get the engagement permission immediately, so the lovers got married only in 2005.

5. Princess Mako Akishino – the elder granddaughter of Japan Emperor Akihito

The 26-year-old princess met the future lawyer Kei Komuro at the Tokyo University. Crossing at a regular students’ party, they immediately fell in love with each other.

In September 2017, it was officially announced about the princess’ engagement. Mako wasn’t scared of the fact she would have to leave the palace and abdicate the title after the wedding with a commoner. According to the princess, she initially did not intend to associate her life as a representative of the royal family.

6. Princess Noriko Takamado – the cousin of the Japan Emperor Akihito

In 2014, the Japanese princess Noriko married the son of the priest Kunimaro Senge. The girl took her husband’s surname and lost her right for the throne.

7. Princess Ayako Takamado - the cousin of the Japan Emperor Akihito

On October 29, 2018, Princess Noriko's younger sister, 27-year-old Princess Ayako will marry a 32-year-old shipping company employee, thus losing her royal privileges. However, the life of a commoner does not frighten a girl, since she is supposed to have about $1 million dowries.

These stories of the “royal refugees” prove that Amor Vincit Omnia! - Love conquers all the things, regardless of whether you are a commoner or a royal family member.

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