Kate Middleton’s $95 Shoes She’s Been Wearing For 5 Years

Date June 18, 2018

It’s no secret that the Duchess of Cambridge is very practical. She’s been known to attend public events wearing same clothes as before. She buys reasonably priced brands and teaches her children to pass the clothes to one another after they’ve outgrown them. This gains her public approval and respect. Kate Middleton has some clearly favorite items. One of them is this pair of shoes. 


You are mistaken if you think this is about court shoes or something like that! The Duchess knows that in terms of shoes comfort is above all and chooses moccasins for long walks! The brand is Sebago's Bala and the price is $95! Here are 5 occasions when Kate included these moccasins in her look.

1. Charlottetown, Canada, 2011


2. Cirencester, England, 2014

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3. Tetbury, England, 2015


4. Kaziranga, India, 2016


5. St. Martin's, England, 2016


Each of these duchess’ everyday looks is stylish and interesting. She knows how to look beautiful even in simple clothes, yet again proving that you don’t have to wear luxurious dresses and high heels for every public appearance. Bravo, Kate! 

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Kate Middleton