TV Star Lost 300 Pounds To Get Back At Her Ex-Husband. Now, She Is A Real Beauty!


September 17, 2018 11:04 By Fabiosa

June Shannon is known as the mother of little beauty contests and reality shows superstar – Honey Boo Boo. Both mother and daughter are very charismatic and vivid personalities; their TV appearances are watched by millions.


A year ago, June Shannon has stunned her fans with a real sensation: She lost almost half of her weight. This story inspired thousands of women around the world. And below, you will find a reason behind the TV star’s incredible feat.

According to her, she has never had a slim waste or a fit body. Even in childhood, she was chubby and mocked by her classmates. Her family’s financial situation and unhealthy diet only helped her gain weight. June ate cheap and fattening food, and her parents simply didn’t have money to send her to a gym. It all led to her weighing more than 440 pounds (200 kilos) when she reached 30.

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Her husband’s betrayal was the last straw. It is rumored that her spouse left her because of her excess weight. In addition to that, he was constantly abusing her, offending and ridiculing for this. Her husband’s behavior didn’t break June’s spirit but only strengthened it, and pushed her to change herself. To get back at him, June risked a daring adventure – rapid weight loss covered by media.

Millions of viewers witnessed Shannon’s transformation into a charming beauty. Regular diets and sports were obviously not going to do the trick, so the woman underwent a standard procedure of gastric bypass surgery.

Naturally, the surgery wasn’t the end of it. The star had to keep a strict diet and severely limit her carbohydrate intake. The woman admitted that one simple thought kept her going – a thought of how gorgeous she is going to look at her ex’s wedding.

June shares her secrets with everybody who wants do lose weight. She had to cut her usual portion to a half or even a third. Moreover, she changed her food habits. Though, she indulged herself a bit anyway – she can’t resist grapes and fine cheeses, even though nutritionists insist on limiting them as well.

One more secret is a nap before lunch and no breakfast at all. Fortunately, her schedule allowed it.

Her efforts were not in vain, and now the woman looks fabulous. Now, all she has to do is to attend her ex-husband’s wedding, as she planned, and make him regret. It’s a perfect way to get even with your ex, don’t you think?

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