Santa-Squad! Cristiano Ronaldo Shared A Heartfelt Holiday Snapshot With His Kids And Beloved


December 28, 2018 09:46 By Fabiosa

Many people know Cristiano Ronaldo exclusively as a great football player, but once you get interested in his personal life, you'll find out that he's also a wonderful family man and a father of many kids! Back in 2010, he made a responsible decision to use the help of a surrogate mother. This is how his first son was born.

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In 2017, it became public that Ronaldo once again turned to the services of a surrogate. But this time he got double luck as twins were born, a boy and a girl. He already was a father when he started building a relationship with a beautiful woman by the name of Georgina Rodríguez.

She gladly and lovingly accepted his children and then a long-awaited miracle happened – she became pregnant and gave birth to the footballer's daughter.

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This is how the once desirable bachelor became a joyous father of many children. And it's not some fiction; just one look at their pictures makes it clear that he is truly happy. Don't believe it? Then see for yourself, as Ronaldo has recently shared a really sweet Christmas picture where he is surrounded by his nearest and dearest.

The family put on Santa hats and, moreover, the little ones were dressed in full red-and-white costumes. Heart-melting!

This is how the famous football player's family congratulated everyone on Christmas! And we wish them happy holidays, too!

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