Kim Kardashian Appeared Before Her Fans In A Bright Red Latex Suit And A Drastic New Hairstyle

Date February 26, 2019 18:11

Oh, how many tricks the celebrities are willing to go for to constantly draw the public's attention to their persona! Their imagination is unlimited: changing style and astounding outfits, revealing interviews and unexpected scandals.

The other day, Kim Kardashian has once again stolen the show.

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The TV show star likes experimenting with her appearance.

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She has tried various hair colors: from blonde to brunette, different lengths, showed off her extensive wardrobe trying on everyone's favorite forgotten looks.

And here's another style change. This time, Kim has dyed her hair red and put on a matching skin-tight latex suit.​

​​You could call the new look 'Fire', that's how bright it is. It's like actual flames!

Fans have instantaneously reacted to the change of style in the comments. Most of them approved it noting that Kim looks gorgeous in every look.

What do you think? Isn't it hard to look at these bright colors?

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