How Does Italian Actress Ornella Muti, 64, Manage To Look 35?

Date April 17, 2019 18:02

Italy is not only the birthplace of the world’s most delicious pizza, but also incredibly beautiful women. Monica Bellucci, Sophia Loren, and Isabella Rossellini, to name just a few, are still inspiring with their natural and unfading beauty.

How Does Italian Actress Ornella Muti, 64, Manage To Look 35?Getty Images / Ideal Image

Another star of Italian cinema, Ornella Muti, turned 64 on March 9, yet still remains a sex symbol and role model for thousands of fans around the world.


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Career and personal life

During her acting career, born Francesca Romana Rivelli has managed to star in more than 100 films.


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The highlights of her career that brought her the most fame and admiration were of course movies co-starring Adriano Celentano, such as The Taming of the Shrew (La bisbetica domata) and Madly in Love (Innamorato pazzo).


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After their premieres, Muti won the hearts of countless men and continues to do so still.


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Ornella was married three times. In marriage with a plastic surgeon Stefano Piccolo, she had two daughters and a son. By the way, Muti already has three grandchildren.


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Now she is in a relationship with businessman Fabrice Kerherve.

Beauty secrets

Looking at the Italian diva, it is hard to believe that she is 64! How does she pull it off to look 40 or even 35 at her age?


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Ornella manages to look that gorgeous with the help of her lifestyle. The actress regularly exercises, doesn’t drink alcohol, and eats plenty of fruits and vegetables, in particular, celery.


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Muti is an opponent of plastic surgery and prefers to age naturally and gracefully. However, it doesn’t stop her from paying great attention to skin care. The star uses only natural cosmetics, including moisturizing and nourishing products, anti-aging serums, and caffeine-based eye creams. In addition, Ornella is fond of facial massage and kiwi masks.


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The actress tries not to go overboard with makeup. For every day, she prefers matte shades and lipsticks of natural shades.

For me it is vital to have inner harmony because it changes a person so much. Beauty is what you need to feed from on the inside as well as outside. Otherwise you transform into a nice wrap with no inside, and not anything more.

 – Muti told in an interview.


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Ornella also advises to surround yourself with fun and cheerful people who would bring harmony into your life and help you stay forever young, regardless of age. Each of us definitely needs to listen to the advice of the Italian star!