Sasha And Masya Shpak Are One Of The Most Famous Instagram Freak Couples. Fans Adore Them!

Date February 21, 2019

Irina (Masya) and Alexander Shpak are an unusual couple with an army of fans. They have their own YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and more than 2 million subscribers each. They also are regular guests on national television. Despite the couple’s eccentric appearance, people admire them. What is so magnetic about them besides looks?

Masya and Sasha Shpak

Alexander (Sasha) Shpak became famous on the internet back in 2010. His painted eyebrows and eyelashes, silicone lips, breast and buttock implants, fake fangs, and tattoos attracted positive attention of the public, as well as haters. First, the latter were even more numerous. But Masya and Sasha paid little attention to them.

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Despite his unusual appearance, Sasha has always been successful with women. He has been married 6 times. His last wife is model Irina Meshchanskaya.

By the way, Sasha’s wife has also had her share of plastic surgeries.

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Now the couple regularly hits the gym and works on their bodies. 

And they love to travel and cook together.

Most subscribers appreciate the Shpaks’ extravagancies with a bit of humor. They consider the famous couple wonderful and fun, urging them to carry on doing what they are doing – being themselves.


I would say Shpak is awesome.  I am totally in love with your family!


So different and multifaceted... And always so charming and positive! Alexander, thank you for the joy, love, and positivity!


Alexander! You’re on fire! I never stop admiring you!!!


It’s great when a person loves himself 100% and enjoys life! Huge respect. You and your wife are great! You make the world more fun and positive!

Naturally, the couple has a lot of haters, but their comments get lost among the words of support and admiration. The couple responds with humor and never responds to insults in the same manner.

Sasha is sure that people shouldn’t be judged by their appearance. Before making conclusions about someone, you always need to know the inner world of that person first. Don’t you agree?

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