James McAvoy Got Colleagues To Autograph His Snow-White Shirt. Why Did The Actor Do It?

Date February 28, 2019

Celebrities often try to stand out among their colleagues, especially at events that attract millions of people. For example, on February 24, the Academy Awards ceremony provided an excellent opportunity to show off their outfits and… skin folds. Looks quite confusing, doesn’t it? However, probably none of the stars was as embarrassed as Prince William was recently.

Apart from the elegant actresses, popular Scottish actor James McAvoy, known in particular for his role as Professor X in sensational sci-fi action films, got into the center of attention as well. A 39-year-old charming celebrity appeared on the red carpet in a formal image, wearing an elegant suit and snow-white shirt. Soon, reporters filmed it in a rather unusual and even strange way: the expensive white “canvas” was decorated with numerous inscriptions of red color.

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It turned out that James asked his colleagues to leave autographs on his shirt. However, he did it not for fun, but for a good reason. According to media reports, McAvoy planned to put it up for auction, and transfer the earned money to charity. The lucky owner will eventually have the autographs of Charlize Theron, Sarah Paulson, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael B. Jordan, and many others.

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James is known for supporting children and families in need, drawing public attention to current issues.

Only time will tell what the fate of the acclaimed shirt will be. Apart from that, James has something more to share from his recent life. With rather attractive appearance, he has never been a supporter of a large number of romantic connections. In his youth, James had been dating with a classmate for about 6 years. Moreover, breaking up was a rather difficult ordeal for the actor. While working on the TV series Shameless, which made him famous, McAvoy met his wife, Anne-Mary Duff, with whom he had been married for about 10 years. After the divorce, the couple maintains a friendly relations for the sake of son Brandon.

Recently, the actor was noticed with director’s assistant Lisa Liberati. The couple met during the filming of James’ latest film Glass.

Perhaps someone will find James’ decorated shirt too childish and even absurd, but the probability that it will be sold for decent money is really inspiring. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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