Joint Visit That Made Buckingham Palace Admit The Inevitability Of Diana And Charles’ Separation

Date February 21, 2019

Even though the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was considered completely unhappy, there was a time when the couple felt really close. However, after the birth of Harry, they realized that they couldn’t be together for very much longer. At some point, Diana understood it wasn’t worth it and decided to agree to split.

Nevertheless, the Princess tried to save the family until the last moment. At first, she hoped that she would be able to make Charles forget Camilla and create a healthy family atmosphere for her young sons.

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In one of the Yahoo The Royal Box episodes, the Princess’ confidant, Jenni Rivett, mentioned that she would have continued to act like she is happy if she had been given such a chance, but she simply had no choice.

According to Rivett, Diana loved her husband. Jenni had been working with her from 1991 to 1997, and also noted that after separation, followed by a divorce, Diana felt deeply depressed for several years since all she just wanted was female happiness.

The last years of the royal marriage were overshadowed by shocking admissions about romantic affairs on the side and candid Diana’s interviews. It seems that the public had never discussed what happened outside the palace walls so actively before.

The institution of the family and its reputation have always been extremely important for Elizabeth II. However, she couldn’t do anything to save her son’s marriage. It was believed that the monarch had recently forced the couple to look like “normal” spouses. They still occasionally appeared in society and went on official visits around the country and beyond.

The Amazon Prime documentary film The Story of Diana revealed that Her Majesty insisted on their joint trip to South Korea in 1992. However, this decision wasn’t the best one: when they were far from the Queen, they stopped hiding their mutual hostility.

According to rumors, they hadn’t talked for a long time and barely tolerated each other’s presence. It seemed they didn’t even try to hide it.

As seen in many photos, the couple avoided each other and hardly met each other's eyes.

This trip was probably the official "permission" to stop pretending: even Buckingham Palace couldn’t hide that the Prince and the Princess were no longer happy together. Only a few years later, while filming the Paxman on the Queen’s children documentary, Dickie Arbiter, Her Majesty’s former spokesperson, admitted that the government had no other choice. A few weeks after returning from South Korea, Charles and Diana announced their separation.

It seemed that they were trying to look like a “normal” couple. But it's hard to imagine what it cost for both of them. Was it really necessary? What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments.

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