Like Mother Like Daughter: Madonna’s Eldest Child Recreated Her Revealing Image From The 80s

Date November 12, 2018

Despite the fame and wealth of her mother, Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, can hardly be called a typical representative of “gilded youth.” She wasn’t involved in loud scandals, received a good education, and became an extraordinary person, largely due to her strict upbringing.


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Публикация от Madonna (@madonna)

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Lourdes had absolutely ordinary hobbies. She loved to pamper herself with a cup of tea, original outfits, cosmetics, and Harry Potter films. Moreover, she didn’t care about a few extra pounds and was proud of her body. However, she soon became the target of criticism because of this, even though Madonna’s fans weren’t surprised of such a mindset since the celebrity was also never shy of her body.


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Lourdes has recently celebrated her 22nd birthday. She has already achieved a lot at such a young age. She has starred in adverts and collaborated with fashion brands, presenting outfits from their collections on the catwalk.


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The girl’s similarity to her mother isn’t merely about external features: it seems that Lourdes inherited the ability to shock the public from Madonna. Leon doesn’t appear on red carpets too frequently, but these visits don’t go unnoticed.


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Lourdes has recently visited a social event organized by the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund in Brooklyn, causing a real mess among other guests and web users. This time, Leon chose a remarkable snow-white dress of translucent fabric and original asymmetrical bottom. It wasn’t difficult to notice the absence of bra and unshaven legs. However, the fans still considered her image harmonious due to monochrome color and the lack of too many details.

Madonna’s fans couldn’t help detecting that Leon tried to recreate one of her mother’s most memorable outfits. Back in 1984, the celebrity wore a stunning, revealing dress at the MTV Video Music Awards. Lourdes did her best to pay tribute to the Queen of Pop’s unparalleled talent with her choice in this particular outfit.

Today, it is quite a difficult feat to stand out from the crowd. With the advent of internet technologies, almost everybody can express themselves in a distinct way. However, Lourdes seems to have made a great result in showing off her personality. Did you like her outfit? Did it resemble Madonna’s legendary dress? Share your impressions in the comments.

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