Missis World 2018 Is Not With Us Anymore. The Young And Beautiful Mother Of Three Passed Away!

Date June 6, 2018 18:00

It hurts when young people pass away. What could go wrong? Their whole life is before them: career, growing children, happy relationships. But, by some quirk of fate, everything can change in one day. This is what happened to Missis World 2018 titleholder, 30-year-old Saniya Shakirova from Kyrgyzstan.  

The young woman took a taxi, but she couldn't predict that a usual trip would end forever. On 2nd June, in the evening, a taxi driver failed to control the car and slammed into the cemetery wall at high speed. The car was crashed. Saniya died when doctors tried to save her. Among other passengers, there was a 28-year-old man and a driver who checked into a hospital with severe injuries. 

The man next to her in the car was her fiance. 

3 days ago, Saniya Shakirova wrote me that her boyfriend made her a proposal and presented 101 roses.  They went together somewhere, and on their way back they crashed.

In April 2018, during her interview, Shakirova was telling about her life and plans for future.

When she was young, the girl was interested in everything connected with the beauty industry. Through time, she started working with the best salons, lucky to collaborate with many entertainers. After she collected enough money, Saniya decided to open her own beauty salon.

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2 months before the tragedy, she picked up a title of Missis World in beauty contest Miss Universe Beauty 2018.

As far as is known, the divorced woman had three children, 8, 10, and 12 years old.  

A friend of the deceased shared:

She was alone with 3 kids but stood against problems. She fought and she survived smiling.

Her social media friends left their touchy messages. One of them wrote:

Laying you to rest, I would like to inform you that we will care about your kids and parents. My dear! 

A month before the car accident, Saniya wrote this post in her profile.

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A cardriver should love not only his car. Good luck to all drivers. Be careful on the road!

Condolences to friends and relatives! What a pity that people with big hearts and wide smiles pass away.

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