Johnny Depp Looks Pale And Gaunt. Fans Are Worried About Star’s Health!

Date June 5, 2018 16:08

Johnny Depp went on a tour with his rock group The Hollywood Vampires in Russia, and some fans there managed to take pictures with the actor. After they posted those shots, there’s been a ton of comments, most of which were filled with concern about the appearance of the actor, which in his earlier days has been proclaimed one of the most handsome in the world.

“The Pirates of the Caribbean” star looked gaunt, pale, and weary, that’s why some comments presumed that he is ill.

"He is very pale and gaunt", "Didn’t recognize him at once", "He is so skinny! We will pray for him!", "He is only 54, hope he isn’t ill, he looks terrible" – worried fans wrote.

"We hope he isn’t ill, just growing into a new character" - someone suggested he is getting ready for starring in a new movie.

The pictures were taken at the "Four seasons" hotel in St. Petersburg.

A bit earlier, Depp paid a visit to the Mayakovsky state museum in Moscow. The admirers noticed he was fashionably dressed.

Looks classy.

We hope everything is fine with the actor, and he is just preparing to appear in another masterpiece. What do you think?

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