From Diana To Meghan Markle: The Best Pregnancy Looks Of Royal Women

Date July 11, 2019 14:37

During pregnancy, all women are baffled by the same issue — what they can wear to look amazing.

Well, the members of the royal family are excellent at picking their maternity wardrobe. Future moms can safely take a cue from British princesses and duchesses!

The best pregnancy looks of royal women

1. Polka dot is a timeless classic. And combined with a pearl necklace, it makes a sure-fire statement!

2. The bright color of this outfit charmingly highlights the natural blush of pregnant Lady Di

3. Polka dot, once again!

4. Emerald green is not everyone's color, but it clearly suits the Princess of Wales

5. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is known to have a penchant for dark blue. And this outfit looks gorgeous on her

6. With this look, the Duchess reminded us all that even when you're pregnant, you can still look truly graceful

7. This compilation wouldn't be complete without this gentle look

8. Kate also didn't neglect bright colors during pregnancy

9. No one could take their eyes off Meghan in this nude suit

10. Seems like green is one of the favorite colors of the pregnant Princesses and Duchesses!

11. Vivid and spectacular!

12. The combination of a dress and coat was a signature feature of the pregnant Duchess of Sussex

Whose approach and looks appealed to you the most? Tell us about it in the comment section below!