How Experimenting With Looks Can Ruin A Career: Bitter Experience Of The "Charmed" Star

Date July 15, 2019 15:22

It's easy to lose the sense of moderation when chasing after beauty and eternal youth. It's sad but true. Unfortunately, some world-class celebrities couldn't avoid it and their plastic surgery addiction had an impact on the development of their careers.

Rose McGowan's path to worldwide fame was rather challenging. At the age of 15, she ran away from home and started living on her own. In order to save enough money for her studies at an arts college, Rose waited tables. McGowan's movie debut was in 1992 — she played a small role in the film California Man.

This job opened the doors to the big screen for Rose. In 1998, the actress was offered a role on the TV series Charmed and her character, the charming witch Paige, won over the hearts of audiences for good.

Alas, this wasn't the end of hardships in McGowan's life. In 2007, during an operation to correct a lifelong sinus problem, the doctor accidentally punctured the skin under Rose's right eye. The actress had to get another reconstructive surgery to correct the mistake.

This was the beginning of the star's cosmetic experiments.

After that, McGowan kept experimenting with her face. Numerous operations, including a nose job as well as beauty injections, changed the actress almost beyond recognition – there was no trace left of her "charm."

The star's career took a nose dive. In recent years, she's been mostly doing short films or low-budget and third-rate films.

Experience has proven that actresses who have distinct yet natural looks have a greater chance of making it in Hollywood than women who ruined their natural charm by getting plastic surgeries.

Do you agree that experiments with looks were the reason Rose's career was ruined? Or is there another explanation? Share your opinion in the comments below!