Kylie vs Kylie: How Minogue And Jenner Fought Over The Name For Their Trademarks

Date July 12, 2019

Celebs in showbiz often get mistaken for each other because of having the same name and it leads to various awkward situations. For instance, the audience often confuse Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling as the actors do not only share the same name, but also look quite alike!

It turns out that stars sharing the same name may cause not only funny and awkward situations, but also big scandals!.

Two Kylies, Minogue and Jenner, have had a falling out. The celebs had to fight for the right to give their cosmetic brand their name.

Kylie vs Kylie: How Minogue And Jenner Fought Over The Name For Their TrademarksGetty Images / Ideal Image

Lawyers of the Australian singer had to prove that there's totally enough room for two Kylies on the beauty market. And besides, their client registered her brand name back in 1996 while the youngest Kardashian sister applied for it only in 2014.

In summer 2019, the legal proceedings and conflict caused by this matter ended in Minogue's victory. Now the singer has an official right to use her name "Kylie" on the product packaging of her brand.

Actually, when I was young there was no one called Kylie, so to explain I would have to spell it out, especially in America. Thanks to Kylie Jenner, they do know the name Kylie. So, winning.

— says Minogue.

By the way, although the singer launched her own cosmetic line only this year, the products proved to be a big success.

Meanwhile, Jenner's trademark has made Kim Kardashian's sister a billionaire over the course of its existence.

We are glad that the celebrities' conflict has finally come to an end and each person will be able to choose Kylie brand they prefer!