"World's Most Handsome Felon" Is A Father Of 2 Sons. And The Elder One Is His Blue-Eyed Copy!

Date July 15, 2019

Sometimes fame, popularity, and wealth just crash down on people when they least expect it. This is what happened with now-famous model, 35-year-old Jeremy Meeks.

In 2014, a California state resident was doing time in jail. When Stockton Police posted a mugshot of a young lawbreaker on their Facebook page, it spread all over the internet really fast and gathered thousands of enthusiastic comments.

Social media called Meeks the "world's most handsome criminal." Soon after, Jeremy was signing a contract with modeling scout and photographer Jim Jordan.

In 2017, the ex-prisoner made his debut on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

Today, Meeks is not only a successful model and handsome man, but also a father of two sons.

Despite having a tight schedule, he often travels with them and just has a great time with them.

Meeks' elder son, Jeremy Jr., is 9 years old now. And seems like the boy has a great chance of being as successful as his father!

He's growing up to be his father's copy. And you can get lost in these sky-blue eyes!

Meeks' main focus now is raising his son to be a decent person and not making his mistakes.

I’m scared of failure and of disappointing my kids. My son looks up to me. So that’s what scares me the most, disappointing him. I just want to do my best, be the best Jeremy Meeks and the best father I can be. That’s what keeps me awake. I want to help kids and make sure they don’t go down the wrong path.

— Jeremy Senior once confessed.

Well, we hope that the model and his son won't disappoint each other and they both have a bright future lying ahead of them.

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