From “Other Man's Wife” To Almost The Queen: It Took Camilla 35 Years To Marry Prince Charles

Date July 12, 2019 09:12

Camilla Parker Bowles is one of the least popular representatives of the British royal family, but it was beside her that Elizabeth II’s eldest son found true happiness. Their love-story has spun across nearly half a century, but they got married only in 2005. What made Camilla's path to becoming Duchess so long and thorny? And how did she change the Queen’s anger to mercy?

From “Other Man's Wife” To Almost The Queen: It Took Camilla 35 Years To Marry Prince CharlesGetty Images / Ideal Image

The heir to the throne met the charming daughter of a major of the British army, Bruce Shand, at one of the events held by their mutual friend back in 1970. The girl was completely devoid of the aristocratic snobbery, which was perfectly mastered by all the ladies swarming around the young Prince.

The two dated for a short time, but Queen Elizabeth didn’t consider Shand a potential daughter-in-law.

Before joining the Royal Navy, Charles broke up with Camilla, but several years later, in 1973, he begged his ex-beloved not to marry Andrew Parker Bowles. Tying the knot didn’t prevent Camilla from keeping close communication with her former admirer.

It is hard to believe, but some 30 years ago it was unthinkable for the heir to the throne to marry a divorced woman. Charles chased Sarah Spencer, but soon switched to her younger sister, Diana.

From “Other Man's Wife” To Almost The Queen: It Took Camilla 35 Years To Marry Prince CharlesGetty Images / Ideal Image

That time around, the Queen approved of her son’s choice. Charles and Diana made their vows in a wedding of a lifetime.

It is worth noting that after the marriage, the Prince was faithful to his wife. The couple lived in harmony for the first 5 years. However, in 1986, Charles again became a frequent guest at Camilla’s house.

It took Camilla almost 10 years to change the Queen’s anger to mercy. It was only in 2000 when the reigning monarch first attended an event where the current spouse of her eldest son was also present. Moreover, in order not to meet with the husband-snatcher, she refused to attend her son’s 50th birthday.

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Despite significant differences, they are happy together. Camilla has always described her spouse as a very active and hard-working person. The Duchess of Cornwall is less of a public figure, although she accompanies her husband to state events. Both had grown children by the time they openly declared their relationship. Camilla used to spend a lot of time in the company of her grandchildren, while Charles became a grandfather only recently.

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However, the Duchess of Cornwall diligently performs duties assigned to her and doesn’t even try to replace Diana. She passed on the title of Princess, which she had every right to after marrying Charles.

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Despite years of harsh criticism coming from every direction, Camilla managed to find a common language with all her new relatives, and also earn the respect of the people of Britain with her own work. Moreover, the love story of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles could have been the very foundation for William and Harry to create families out of love. Because we all know that neither Kate nor Meghan can boast blue blood.